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Put a Disney Princess in my ask box and I’ll answer these questions about her :)


Favorite thing about her?:

Least favorite thing about her?:

Do I like her movie?:

Favorite outfit she wears?:

Favorite song from her movie?:

Favorite animal (or human) friend she has?:

Which trait of her personality do I most see in myself?:

How would I rate her prince?:

Where does she rank on my top 10 favorite princesses?:




Reblog if you’re Disney!!!!!!!!

Okay so here is what is gonna happen, I saw this on one of my other blogs and it helped people gain followers and helped their blog get out there, and here is how it works, you reblog this, and each person goes through the notes that reblogs it, even I, the creator of this, will look through the notes and follow different Disney blogs!

It will help people with and without a Disney blog, find your blog, and follow you and we can all follow each other!

Happy reblogging Disnerds!!!!! :)

Hey look I am on my dash again and HOLY look at the notes!!! :)

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